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By Ifunnaya David

The thought of creating an automated sales system for your business may seem daunting to you. Well, it can be. Maybe because when you think of a sales system what comes to your mind is a room filled with 50 or more sales people spending 12 hours on the phone and working tirelessly to close sales in hope of a commission.

That is daunting but that is not what I mean by a sales system. It’s impossible for a small business to create such a sales system, even if you can do it, don’t. It’s just not cost effective when you can take advantage of the greatest man made invention, the internet.

The internet has broken barriers to sales for small business owners. It is now possible for any business owner to create a system that is working tirelessly 24/7 to make sales for you.

20 years ago. This was very expensive and most business owners could not afford it. With advancement in software it is now so cheap that you can even get started for free. If you read this article to the end I’ll explain how you can build your own sales machine using the internet.

From time immemorial the sales process have always followed this four major steps

  1. Prospecting
  2. Presentation
  3. Closing
  4. Follow up

Even before the telephone was invented, business followed this four step process to find their customers and close sales. They simply had to do it person to person, one on one. It was tedious but it worked. Later on mailing organizations will allow marketers to send sales letter directly to the homes of prospective customers.

Then came the telephone. For business owners and sales people back then this was like discovering gold. They could just stay in their office and sell through the phone. This was more personal than the direct mail and allowed businesses to scale really fast.

Businesses still use this four step process to create sales systems today. The only difference is that they use the internet to create this system.  This is how it is done.

PROSPECTING: The prospecting stage is about finding potential customers and determining if they have a need for your product and service. We do this using the various traffic stores available to us.

Take Facebook for example, they have over 2 billion people on the main Facebook platform and another 1 billion plus people using Instagram. Also, there is Google which process 3.5 billion searches per day. There are also other social media platforms like Twitter, Pintrest, Snapchat and the fast growing Tik tok.

The people is not the problem. They are already online and you can find them.

As you are prospecting, you also want to collect contact details to keep in touch with your prospects. A good email marketing software or a customer relationship management tool will allow you to do this and you can get started for as little as $15 per month.

PRESENTATION: Now you have the attention of your prospects, it’s time to present your product. How do you achieve this with the internet?

The best way is to record a video presenting the product and host it on vimeo, wistia, YouTube or any of the other video hosting services. YouTube is free by the way. Some products don’t need video presentation instead they require a sales page filled with persuasiveness. Either ways to goal of this stage is to present your product in the best light and give a good impression in the heart of your audience.

CLOSING: When sales people close a sale they do it in person or over the phone. If you are selling a high ticket product, it’ll be ideal to leave the internet and instead schedule a call with your prospect to close the sale.

To do this you can use tools like Skype and zoom to call anyone anywhere in the world. It cuts barriers to communication and allows you to close high ticket sales with anyone.

FOLLOW UP: After a sales person present his product and closes the sale, some people buy at the spot but many more will not buy, hence the need for a follow up. The average customer needs about seven interactions with your business before they are ready to buy. So don’t give up. Just follow up.

With the internet following up is easy. Email marketing software and CRMs allow you to follow up efficiently. You can easily set up one for as little as $15 per month.

Social media also provide an easy way to follow up. With Facebook messenger marketing you can send direct messages to your customers on Facebook and keep in touch.


The four steps of a sales system can seem tedious for a small business to practice. You have to be prospecting, presenting, closing, following up and it can get tiring. You might even think it’s impossible for you to implement. But it’s not. That’s why a sales funnel was invented.

Imagine if after prospecting, your customers automatically go through the other steps in the system. You just set up the system once and it runs on its own.

You only need to create one video presenting your product, a webinar where you are closing, your follow up email series and that’s all. You create it once and plug it into your sales funnel and it will consistently bring in sales for you.

The sales funnel is really important for businesses because it allows them automate the marketing aspect of their business and focus on value creation and delivery.

If you’d like to learn more about this strategy I created a presentation for you explaining this strategy and get clarity on how to create your own sales funnel that is working tirelessly to bring you sales, be sure to contact me on instagram – @Funnels.with.David

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